Parents welcoming a child for the first time in their lives have a lot of discoveries to make and sometimes they make a lot of mistakes. Here, we make sure that as a new parent you are equipped with the right information to guide you during this stage. Here are some basic essentials that you should consider buying for your newborn baby.

Going home outfit

When a child is born, parents should ensure that the baby is kept warm. New parents should prepare by getting clothes made from soft material and stretchy collars. Most times parents are concerned that getting new clothes before the baby’s arrival may result in the clothes not fitting the baby. Cloth manufacturers always make provisions for different sizes of clothes based on the weight of the child to guide you. We present this for you.

Infant car seat

When bringing the baby home from the hospital, it is usually safe to have the child seated at the rear-facing seat. You can get a convertible car seat that can fit in that section. Rear-facing baby car seat ensures that your baby stays safe and well tucked in during the drive home. We have a vast review of a wide collection of infant car seats. There is no way we are missing your preference.

Personal care and toiletries for mom

Sometimes mothers get carried away by the excitement of having a newborn baby and forget to take care of themselves. It is important mothers to also get important personal items like toothbrush, slippers, fluffy socks, shampoo and anything that will make them stay comfortable in the hospital while they are in labor. Here you get to find which works for you.

Nipple cream/ nipple guards

Nursing a child is not an easy task and even for experienced mothers. When it is not done right, breastfeeding can cause nipple soreness. Mothers can get lanolin or an alternative that will give then relief when they experience discomfort while the child eats. No one can tell you better than us.

Nursing bra

Women just giving birth should ensure that they get prepared for breastfeeding. They should pack at least three best nursing bras with them at the hospital. Getting a good nursing bra that is comfortable and can easily open or close by just lifting it up with one hand is the best deal. Of course, we help you get the best deals buying your nursing bra.

Nursing pads

Whether or not you plan to breastfeed a child, you will still need to get nursing pads available until the breast stops producing milk by itself. New mothers will need at least two pads every day for the period they are in the hospital. We have enough resources for you here on choosing the befitting nursing pads.